What to Look for in an Upscale Drug Treatment Center

calendarApril 23, 2022

upscale drug treatment center

Deciding to go to rehab for drug and alcohol addiction can be a terrifying choice to make, especially when there are so many options out there. The multitude of options can make it confusing and difficult to make a decision. It can be easy to overthink the decision and then decide not to go through with it because having so many options available is overwhelming. This is a dilemma to experience, so you are not alone. Fortunately, West Valley Detox makes the decision much easier because we offer everything you will need at our upscale alcohol and drug treatment center.  

What Defines Upscale Drug Treatment?

Upscale drug treatment centers, like West Valley Detox, are alcohol and drug treatment centers that are able to offer high-quality and highly individualized treatment. They have all of the same things that traditional drug treatment centers do, plus more options to provide for a more comfortable stay and person-centered treatment approach than traditional treatment centers are able to do. Upscale drug treatment centers offer luxurious amenities, such as nice bedroom furniture, a gym to workout, and nutritional, high-quality food. 

Upscale treatment centers employ very highly trained staff, master-level clinicians with expertise. They have a low patient-to-staff ratio, which means each person gets treated as an individual rather than a number in the facility. This also means that clients have better access to therapists when they need them, which is often very important in the early stages of recovery. Upscale treatment centers are able to provide such individualized treatment because they also offer many different types of therapy, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, recreational therapy, music therapy, and more. They also have the means to offer dual diagnosis treatment for those who have a mental illness along with their substance use disorder. 

Who is Upscale Drug Treatment For?

People often believe that upscale drug treatment centers are for those who are wealthy, but the truth is that anyone can utilize these treatment centers. There are many ways to afford these treatment centers. Upscale drug treatment centers are appropriate for anyone who is struggling with addiction. Because of their ability to offer dual diagnosis treatment, offer low staff-to-patient ratio, and offer many different styles of treatment to allow for personalized treatment plans, upscale drug treatment centers are a preferred choice because they are able to meet the needs of most people. 

How to Pay for Upscale Drug and Alcohol Treatment

When people think of “upscale” or “luxury” treatment centers, they often think that it is not for them because they cannot afford it. While these treatment centers generally cost more than traditional treatment centers, there are still ways that people with lower incomes can afford upscale drug and alcohol treatment. One way to afford treatment at an upscale treatment center is to go to one that accepts your insurance. West Valley Detox accepts Anthem, BlueCross BlueShield, HealthNet, Cigna, Valley Health Plan, Kaiser Permanente, United Healthcare, and Aetna. Treatment centers will also often offer scholarships or sliding scales that are based on your income so that your bill is affordable for your income. Ask about West Valley Detox’s sliding scale today. 

West Valley Detox: What to Look for in Upscale Drug and Alcohol Rehab

West Valley Detox offers state-of-the-art treatment in a beautiful location. You will be able to receive quality treatment for your substance use and mental health concerns while being comfortable and healthy. Once you arrive, we offer medically assisted detox and residential treatment. We provide round-the-clock care with experienced and highly trained staff who are excited to provide you with one on one treatment. Our clinician-to-patient ratio of 3:1 allows this. In addition to therapy for addiction and mental health, we also offer help with nutrition, art therapy, grief counseling, yoga, life skills, and more. We will work alongside you to tailor an individualized treatment plan with our client-focused and highly customizable curriculum. 
There are over 14,000 drug rehab centers in the United States. But there’s only one West Valley Detox. Contact us today with a confidential and free call to start your journey to recovery.

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