West Valley Detox Drug & Alcohol Treatment

West Valley Detox is a detox and residential treatment program
located in Tarzana CA designed to service adults over the age of 18 with alcohol and drug-related problems.

Our Methods In Healing

Our philosophy is to introduce concepts that enforce the practice of a multidisciplinary team approach to treatment.

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We Are The Best Support for You

West Valley Detox’s mission is to provide the highest quality chemical dependency treatment services in detox, residential, and medical assisted environments that are accessible and affordable to men and women of all ages in a variety of treatment settings.

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* We accept only private pay and PPO. No Medi-Cal accepted!
Medical Research

We are in a new era of medical discovery with the potential and power to revolutionize treatment providing each client the right medical research.

Achieving Better Health

With the help of our program's professionals, you will soon begin a new life, leaving in the past any addiction.

Amazing Technology

West Valley Detox is equipped with the latest technologies, helping our clients to achieve the best treatment.

We Are Here To Help You

West Valley Detox believes in helping individuals develop healthy behavior patterns in all areas of their life, including, family, school, relationships, social, and living skills. We believe such changes are crucial in a successful transition back to a healthy lifestyle.

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* We accept only private pay and PPO. No Medi-Cal accepted!

Our Team Is Ready To Answer Your Questions

West Valley Detox strongly emphasizes family involvement to create a support network both during and after treatment.






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