West Valley Detox Treatment’s mission is to provide individualized, treatment informed care with wrap around services. cater- ing to the physical, mental, and behavioral ailments of each individual respectively. We aim to assist those who are impacted by chemical dependency by promoting behavior change and providing support and education so that each client may obtain and maintain abstinence from chemical dependency.

We wish for each client to leave our facility with the foundation of a new beginning in order to pursue the life they’ve always dreamed of.

west valley detox mission


Our philosophy is to celebrate the lives of those served by addressing all underlying issues through our treatment informed care model. West Valley Detox Treatment believes in individualized and integrated care. We feel helping individuals develop healthy behavior patterns in all areas of their life, including family, school, relationships, social, and living skills is integral.
We believe such changes are crucial in a successful transition back to a healthv lifestyle. Our model is designed to celebrate hope as the most significant fact of life, providing all people with the energy, sense of direction and the necessary tools to achieve an everlasting experience of change.


Maintaining the comfort of each client is a top priority at West Valley Detox & Residential Treatment. From our Tarzana and Sherman Oaks locations, our goal is to provide a safe and home-like environment where you can receive detox care and participate in our residential treatment program.


Our staff is comprised of talented, knowledgeable professionals, some of whom you may even recognize as thought leaders in the fields of substance abuse treatment and mental health.

To better understand how West Valley Detox & Residential Treatment can offer such world-class treatment and support, take a moment to get better acquainted with these talented individuals.

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