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Addiction is destructive, often fatal, and completely treatable.

Find the perfect program for your needs at West Valley Detox in Southern California.

The struggle with drug and alcohol addiction can feel like a losing battle. No matter how hard you try to break free, you sink deeper into substance abuse. You may have entered drug treatment in the past but were unsuccessful in staying sober. Despite your best efforts, you grow hopeless and may feel that recovery is out of reach.
Despite what you may think and feel, the health and happiness that comes with recovery is just a phone call away. West Valley Detox provides substance abuse treatment in San Fernando Valley that is evidence-based, extensively researched and tested, proven to work, and can fit your specific needs. Call us toll-free today and speak to a member of our experienced treatment team.

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Residential Program

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Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles, California.

Addiction is a complex and progressive disorder that slowly develops over time. The roots of addiction are complex and can be difficult to uncover and address. While you may be able to quit using drugs and alcohol “cold turkey,” it is often a short-term solution at best. Without dealing with the underlying issues that fuel your substance abuse, you will continue to use and spiral deeper into addiction. Additionally, abruptly quitting drugs create withdrawal symptoms that are unpleasant and painful.

In order to give you the best chance of long-term recovery, you need to seek the professional help that is offered at California drug and alcohol treatment centers such as West Valley Detox. In a structured drug treatment program, you will receive the tools and support you need to overcome addiction and regain your physical and mental health.

Why our programs WORK

At West Valley Detox Treatment, we provide clients with a safe, comfortable space in which to begin a new chapter of their lives.

Part of the success of our programs is due to our 1:3 client-to-clinician ratio. That means for each client in our programs, we typically have three professionals on staff to provide support and guidance.

We also offer a wide variety of treatments and therapeutic techniques as part of our diverse, comprehensive curriculum.

Experiential treatments

We employ such experiential therapies as art therapy, music therapy, and adventure therapy

Experienced staff

Clients are treated by thought leaders and professionals with extensive experience

High customizability

The diverse treatment options we offer let us co-create a custom curriculum with each client

Highly nutritious meals

We provide optimal nutrition via gourmet meals prepared daily by our on-site chef

Types of treatment programs at our

Los Angeles Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers

At West Valley Detox, we do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to drug treatment. You have unique and specific needs that need to be understood and addressed in order for you to achieve long-term recovery. Our San Fernando Valley drug treatment facility offers a wide range of drug treatment programs that will heal you in mind, body, and spirit. Your customized drug treatment plan is created with the following treatment components:

Medical detoxification is the first and most crucial step in recovery. West Valley’s drug detox program in Southern California follows a concise three-step approach. First and foremost, medical staff will perform a comprehensive evaluation of the substances you are abused, measure these substances’ concentration, and conduct a thorough screening for any co-occurring mental and physical issues that may complicate your recovery process.

After that assessment, staff will utilize medication-assisted therapy, nutrition therapy, and other interventions to get you to a physically and mentally stable state. Once physically and mentally stable, treatment staff will prepare you to enter intensive drug treatment. From the moment you walk through our doors, West Valley Detox will work with you to make the detox process safe and comfortable.

Our Los Angeles drug treatment centers utilize residential treatment program that allows you to reside in the treatment facilities themselves. Within this supportive environment, you are removed from the temptations and stressors of your home environment. As a result, you are focused solely on your recovery.
Our facilities are secure and safe; you have access to a compassionate and knowledgeable staff around the clock.

You will be part of a variety of proven therapy programs, workshops, and take part in life skills training and similar activities. These programs and activities allow you to learn more about the underlying causes of your addiction. These programs will allow you to create new strategies for coping with the triggers that have led you to use substances.

West Valley Detox offers a wide range of therapy programs that are individualized to meet your specific needs. We incorporate a multi-faceted approach to individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy programs. Therapy helps you identify the negative thought patterns that kept you stuck in addiction.

Most importantly, our therapy programs allow you to work through past trauma in a safe and supportive environment. Our Los Angeles drug treatment facilities offer holistic therapies and treatment modalities such as yoga, mindful meditation, and acupuncture.

If you are dealing with an underlying mental health issue as well as substance abuse, you have what is known as dual diagnosis (also known as co-occurring disorders).

West Valley Detox offers a comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment program that provides a wide continuum of care that provides long-term support. Our dual diagnosis program allows all of our clients the space and time to address their mental health and addiction issues while gaining the skills and support they need to overcome their problems and become happy and healthy for the long term.

The successful completion of a drug treatment program does not been that the end of the recovery process. The real work in recovery begins once you leave treatment and transition back into your everyday life. West Valley Detox has a comprehensive aftercare program that will help strengthen your sobriety.

Our aftercare programming includes continued individual and group counseling, workshops, 12-step, and similar self-help group meetings, and sober living programs. The tools you acquire in aftercare focus on relapse prevention and will empower you to cope with the cravings and temptations to return to substance use in a healthy manner.

A unique program offered at West Valley Detox is our alumni program. We believe that the best way to sustain your recovery is through the support of past graduates who have considerable recovery time. The goal of our alumni program is to provide connections with past clients who can provide advice and encouragement as you continue in your recovery.

Additionally, these programs offer social events such as formal dinners, sober “happy hours,” bowling nights, and 12-step meetings. Alumni programs help build a solid support network for those in recovery to grow and prosper.

Get your FREE consultation today

If you’re not sure which program (or programs) you need, give us a call. Our intake coordinators are available anytime, day or night, to work with you in co-creating the recovery plan that’s right for you.

Get Help at Our Luxury Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs in Los Angeles, California

If you or a loved one needs help overcoming addiction, West Valley Detox can help you achieve that goal—starting today. We believe that recovery is possible, and we offer a wide range of individualized programs and services that will help you overcome addiction and maintain health, happiness, and sobriety. The programs offered at our Studio City rehab are evidence-based, proven to work, and are tailored to meet your needs throughout your stay.

No matter the severity of your addiction, we fully believe that change is possible. In addition to our proven treatment programs, we offer a safe and supportive environment that will empower you to transform yourself into the person that you want to be. Additionally, we offer services and support after your complete drug treatment.

Are you ready to make a change for the better? Are you tired of drug and alcohol addiction hurting you, your family, and others that you love? If so, that important first step is to call West Valley Detox toll-free. One of our compassionate treatment staff members is available right now to speak to you about the programs and services we offer at our Studio City drug and alcohol rehab. Completely transform your life—call now.

1. Consultation

Our free consultation helps us to get a better idea of which service(s) are needed for the client to achieve stable sobriety.

2. Verification

This is when our team works with the health insurance provider so we can determine whether our program(s) are covered by the policy.

3. Assessment

Once the insurance coverage has been verified, we work with the client to co-create a custom treatment plan.

4. Preparation

With all other details in place, it’s time to prepare for treatment. This includes packing and collecting all necessary documentation.