Should I Travel for Rehab?

calendarApril 23, 2022

travel for drug detox

For someone who’s suffering from a substance use disorder or addiction, making the decision to seek treatment is your first hurdle. But once you have taken that step, you quickly realize that finding the right rehab facility can be quite overwhelming; after all, there are thousands of rehab options and treatment programs available across the United States. To begin narrowing such a daunting list of possibilities, ask yourself whether you should travel for treatment or check into a local rehab near you.

For many people in recovery, traveling for rehab is often a major factor in whether they can achieve long-term sobriety or they suffer a relapse. But why?

Is It Better to Travel for Drug Rehab?

Traveling for rehab has a lot of positive benefits. However, arguably the most important is that it separates the person suffering from addiction from the environment where he or she became addicted. Because there’s greater temptation to use in this environment, the individual is more likely to relapse even while actively receiving treatment. By attending a drug rehab or a co-ed medical detox program in your hometown, sobriety is simultaneously harder to achieve and more difficult to sustain.

When you travel to a drug rehab program that’s not local to you, you can eliminate many of those negative influences. You can focus on your recovery goals and on forging your path to wellness in a new environment where you’re not being oppressed by temptation.

The Benefits of Traveling for Rehab

We’re more comfortable when we’re in our home environment, so it can be tempting to consider a rehab close to home; however, traveling for rehab offers a host of benefits. As you explore rehabs and facilities that are out-of-state, consider the following ways that traveling to a facility such as our Los Angeles detox center is better for recovery.

A Fresh Perspective

Traveling often brings a change of scenery, which can change your mindset. Removing yourself from all familiar triggers and temptations will bring peace of mind and improve your emotional wellness.

Putting Your Thoughts in Motion

Have you tried getting sober in the past but felt you just couldn’t make it happen? While there are many possible reasons why one might be unsuccessful in recovery, one possibility is that you simply needed to get out of your comfort zone.

With a new location comes a fresh different perspective. If you find the prospect of leaving home for rehab intimidating, remember that making the choice to travel for treatment is the hardest part. Once you cross the threshold of your rehab or co-ed detox program, you may feel a sense of pride for taking such a major step on your journey of recovery.

Prioritizing Your Privacy

Checking into a rehab program is not something to be ashamed of, but you may not want to broadcast the fact that you are seeking treatment. Fortunately, the staff at any rehab center are legally obligated to respect your privacy and use discretion to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable at all times. But when you travel for rehab, you have even more privacy since you’re in a situation where the likelihood of running into someone who knows you is very, very low.

A Time for Reflection

Going away for treatment is an opportunity to spend your time focused entirely on yourself. There will be ample time for reflection, peace, quiet, and to simply be alone with your thoughts. This is a major benefit for recovery because to get the most out of your treatment, you need to be able to focus on yourself so you can build the foundation for a sober lifestyle.

Curbing Impulsive Behavior

Typically, drug rehabs and detox centers involve long-term stays in the residential accommodations they provide; everything you could need will be right available to you, from meals to personal care products and a private area for you to sleep, journal, or just reflect on the day. But because rehab and detox programs are very regimented, you won’t have time (or the urge) to indulge in self-destructive impulses.

Additionally, rehab requires a lot of soul searching, which can bring some unpleasant emotions to the surface. The experience of these emotions — which may seem more intense in the absence of alcohol or drugs — can feel like too much at times In fact, it’s common for these emotions to trigger an impulse to leave rehab and resume old behavior. But since you’re not at home, it’s not easy to just give up.

More Options and Higher Quality Care

Not every rehab has the best treatment options for you, so when you’re limiting your choices to what’s local, it’s possible that none of the available options is the right fit. Don’t be afraid to extend your search beyond your hometown. Particularly in larger cities with extensive recovery communities, you’ll find more robust detox, rehab, and mental illness treatment centers that can make the recovery process easier or more streamlined.

West Valley Detox is a Los Angeles drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, here to provide you with a safe space to start your recovery journey. Our medical professionals can help you with any and all substance abuse disorders as we are committed to helping those in need become happier and healthier versions of themselves. If you have any questions about how to enroll in our Los Angeles detox program, please don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information.

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