What to Know About OUR
Residential Program in Los Angeles

After completing a detox program, many individuals transition into a residential-style rehabilitation, which affords a safe, alcohol- and drug-free environment where they're free from the temptation to relapse.

As part of our Los Angeles Residential Treatment Program, we offer clients a selection of proven treatments and therapies led by our talented staff. Additionally, West Valley Detox & Residential has an impressive 3-to-1 client-to-clinician ratio in addition to accommodations that are both comfortable and luxurious.

Among the many amenities available at West Valley Detox & Residential, our clients enjoy:

  • Swimming pool
  • Free WiFi
  • Gender-neutral restrooms
  • Comfortable queen-sized beds
  • Clean, spacious bedrooms
Residential vs. Outpatient

All forms of addiction treatment exist on a spectrum, also referred to as the "continuum of care." On one end, there's outpatient treatment, which is the least intensive form of addiction treatment. On the other end, there's residential treatment.

Compared to outpatient care, which sees patients commuting to rehab for a certain number of hours of treatment per week while living at home, residential care is a type of program where patients reside at the drug rehab for the duration of the program. Since they're living on-site, the patients can participate in more treatment — and a greater variety of treatments — than if they were limited by having to travel back and forth to rehab.

Besides affording much more time spent receiving care, residential programs separate patients from the environments and individuals that might compromise their rehabilitation.

Benefits of Residential
  • Quality. There's more time to cover important concepts and recovery skills.
  • Connection. Relationships can be built with fellow patients.
  • Time. Patients have ample time to become more confident in their sobriety.
  • Separation. The likelihood of relapse becomes nearly zero.
  • Comprehensive. There are less blind spots in the curriculum.

Do I Need a Residential Treatment Program?

The habitual use of alcohol or drugs over a prolonged period of time triggers important physiological changes.

With repeated use of alcohol or drugs, the body begins to adjust to accommodate the ever-present substance. In particular, the brain adjusts its neurochemistry as alcohol or drugs become a consistent source of those neurotransmitters. This puts the individual in a situation where the body experiences a deficit in those neurochemicals when alcohol or drugs are unavailable.

When this occurs, the individual will experience negative effects, which can include things like restlessness, anxiety, mild-to-moderate pain (particularly in joints), nausea, and insomnia; these are symptoms associated with withdrawal.

The purpose of a medical detox program is to help individuals who are addicted to alcohol or drugs overcome the physical and physiological aspects of their addictions. This will allow them to begin participating in a substance abuse rehabilitation program without the discomfort (and distraction) of withdrawal symptoms.

But detox treatment is for more than comfort. With certain substances, detoxing can be dangerous, particularly when it comes to alcohol and certain prescription drugs, like benzodiazepines. However, in a medical detox program, patients benefit from round-the-clock medical supervision and care to ensure their safety throughout the detoxification process.

Woman relaxing at medical detox center

What to Expect From
Our Residential Treatment Program

After completing a medical detox program, many individuals transition directly into a residential treatment program. This is when they gain a better understanding of their illness and begin to address the underlying causes of their chemical use/misuse.

Each client enrolling in the Residential Program at West Valley Detox & Residential begins with the initial intake evaluation, which gives our team the chance to put together a highly individualized therapeutic curriculum for the patient. With this highly customized approach to rehabilitative care, we give clients the resources, support, and confidence to achieve stable sobriety and put them on the path to successful recovery.

To learn more about our Residential Treatment Program at West Valley Detox & Residential, contact us and speak with an admissions coordinator today.

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