Benefits of Luxury Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

calendarApril 23, 2022

benefits of luxury drug detox

Overcoming addiction can be very difficult, especially when you’ve experienced multiple relapses. You may feel overwhelmed and start to lose hope that you could ever achieve recovery because you’ve been through rehab multiple times. This is a very common experience, and while it’s okay to have some complicated feelings about it, it is nothing to be ashamed of because it’s not all your fault. Unfortunately, traditional treatment centers don’t always offer all of the services that you may need. That’s why you should consider a luxury drug and alcohol treatment center like West Valley Detox. 

What is Luxury Drug Treatment?

Luxury treatment centers like West Valley Detox offer high-quality drug and alcohol treatment. They are considered a luxury because they offer all of the same amenities and treatments that traditional treatment centers do but offer more options in a wider variety. Many people prefer luxury treatment centers because the treatment is more individualized and personal. 

Luxury Drug and Alcohol Treatment vs Traditional Treatment

Luxury drug and alcohol treatment centers have all that traditional treatment centers have, plus more options and higher quality. Traditional treatment centers offer individuals basic living necessities, such as a bed, toilet, closet, and three meals a day. They meet fundamental requirements but may not be of great quality. They also offer behavioral treatment therapies in the form of individual or group therapy. These programs also tend to have more entry-level clinicians rather than seasoned and more skilled clinicians. 

Luxury treatment centers are different in that they offer better amenities during your stay, such as nice bedroom furniture, a nice place to workout, and better food. The treatment is also very comprehensive, allowing individuals to have a treatment plan tailored to their needs and prepare them for life after rehab. Luxury rehabs offer dual diagnosis treatment, which is very beneficial to the patient. Patients with dual diagnosis (i.e., having both a mental illness and a substance use disorder) have much better recovery outcomes when their mental health and substance use are treated integratively rather than separately. Unfortunately, traditional treatment centers often don’t meet the qualifications to offer dual diagnosis programs. 

In addition to offering this program, luxury treatment centers also have highly trained staff, skilled master-level clinicians, and a low patient-to-staff ratio. Because there are fewer patients, it allows individuals to be seen often by therapists and not feel like their treatment is being overlooked. Luxury treatment centers also offer multiple treatment therapies and options in addition to traditional options like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. They offer experiential and holistic treatment and often offer recreational therapy, music therapy, and more. 

Is Luxury Drug Treatment for Me?

Luxury drug treatment centers understand that each individual is different and requires individualized treatment to ensure that they can achieve long-term recovery. Because of this, luxury drug treatment centers aim to offer a variety of options in their curriculum so that anyone starting treatment can have their individual needs met. Therefore, luxury treatment centers are a great option for anyone struggling with addiction. It’s beneficial for those with both addiction and mental illness because these treatment centers offer dual diagnosis treatment. 

West Valley Detox: Luxury Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

West Valley Detox offers state-of-the-art treatment in a beautiful location. You will be able to receive quality treatment for your substance use and mental health concerns while being comfortable and healthy. Once you arrive, we offer medically assisted detox and residential treatment. We provide round-the-clock care with experienced and highly trained staff who are excited to provide you with one on treatment. Our clinician-to-patient ratio of 3:1 allows this. In addition to therapy for addiction and mental health, we also offer help with nutrition, art therapy, grief counseling, yoga, life skills, and more. We will work alongside you to tailor an individualized treatment plan with our client-focused and highly customizable curriculum. 
There are over 14,000 drug rehab centers in the United States. But there’s only one West Valley Detox. Contact us today with a confidential and free call to start your journey to recovery.

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