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Addiction recovery is a lifelong journey and something that has to be worked on every day. While the recovery process can’t begin without first going to rehab, simply completing rehab isn’t the end of the recovery journey.

A big part of recovery is developing a strong support system that can not only help you during treatment but can continue to help you in your recovery journey after treatment as well. A rehab alumni program is a great way to not only stay in contact with those you were in rehab with but they can help in creating new relationships and bonds as you continue to build out your support system in recovery.


What Is An Alumni Program?

The main purpose of a rehab alumni program is to provide those that have gone through rehab the resources to aid them as they continue their sobriety journey. Many treatment centers offer alumni programs to those who have completed treatment at their facility. At West Valley Detox, our alumni program is available to anyone that has completed one (or more) of our programs. Our alumni program is designed to offer both community and ongoing recovery support.

What Do Alumni Programs Offer?

Alumni programs offer those in recovery a support network to help them during their recovery journey. While alumni programs are often utilized by those who are new to recovery, alumni programs can be used by anyone at any stage in the recovery process, whether they have been sober for 5 days, 5 years, or 5 decades.

Since most alumni programs are run by the treatment facility that the person participating went to, alumni programs often provide access to the treatment professionals and staff that the person in recovery worked closely with during treatment. This provides the person in recovery a sense of comfort, especially early on in the recovery process as they learn how to live their new sober life.

To help keep those in recovery engaged in their sobriety, many alumni programs host regular events for alumni members. These events provide fun, sober activities for those in recovery to do while also encouraging the development and continued strengthening of their support system.

Examples of events and activities that alumni programs typically put on include:

What is the Importance of Aftercare in Recovery?

The addiction recovery process is just that, a process. Each step in the process serves a vital purpose in helping the person in treatment overcome their addiction and ultimately be successful in their recovery.

During the first stages of recovery (medical detox and addiction treatment), you are monitored by medical and treatment professionals. The degree to which you are being monitored depends on if you choose an inpatient or outpatient treatment program.

Aftercare, or an alumni program, allows those same treatment professionals to continue to help you in your recovery journey in any way they can. Having access to aftercare services, especially for those who have just finished treatment, can greatly reduce the risk of relapse.

What are the benefits of alumni programs?

Alumni programs offer many benefits to those in recovery, no matter where they are in their journey.

The bonds and the relationships formed during addiction treatment can be crucial to the overall recovery process, not just during treatment but after treatment as well. Alumni programs provide opportunities post-recovery to continue to maintain those current bonds and relationships and even build new ones.

Through alumni program events and activities, you can catch up with friends you made while in treatment while also meeting people with whom you might not have been in treatment with but who you share a common connection, having gone through either a similar or the same treatment as them.

These programs also offer fun, sober activities to participate in with others who share in the same sobriety journey.

Being newly sober can be an exciting time. It can also be an overwhelming and even scary time. Learning how to navigate life as a newly sober person can be a lot to take on, especially if you are attempting to do so on your own.

An alumni program is a great tool to help you as you make that transition to your new, sober life. They can provide you with coping strategies and life skills for real-life situations that occur that might cause triggers or temptations.

Many alumni programs offer those who have completed treatment at their facility, access to countless vital resources as they make the transition back into their daily life. These services can include access to mental health counseling as well as continued access to the treatment facility for continued counseling, support group meetings, and other alumni services.

How Do I Join an Alumni Program?

Many treatment centers provide some sort of aftercare or alumni services for those who have completed treatment. If you go to treatment at a facility that offers an alumni program you will be automatically invited to join the facility’s alumni network upon completion of treatment.

Once you have been invited to join the facility’s alumni network, you will have access to any alumni and aftercare services and activities that the facility offers including access to support group meetings, mental health counseling, and events and activities put on by the facility.

Why Join Our Alumni Program?

At West Valley Detox, we understand the importance of alumni programs in the overall recovery process. That’s why we offer alumni programs to any of our clients who have completed one (or more) of our programs. Members of our alumni program have access to many support options and other initiatives.


To maximize their success, we provide alumni with ongoing coaching opportunities. Whether it’s career coaching, financial coaching, or other support, alumni have can continue to take advantage of the expertise of our diverse staff.

Placement & Referrals

Sometimes our clients have difficulty finding employment after completing one of our treatment programs. Fortunately, one of the benefits of our alumni program is that we can often aid our past clients in their search for stable employment.

Social Events

At regular intervals, we host special events for our alumni. There are many different types of events that we host for alumni, including dinners, casual gatherings, and even educational events with popular public speakers.


Our alumni program is free to clients who have completed at least one of our programs. Our alumni program offers a variety of programs and services all designed to help you successfully navigate your recovery journey.
Anyone who has completed one or more of our addiction treatment programs can participate in our alumni program.
Our alumni program was designed to be a great complement to our clinical treatment programs. For this reason, there are many benefits to being a member. Some of the notable benefits of our alumni program include being part of our growing recovery community, referrals, and much more.

Are You Looking to Join a Rehab Alumni Program?

Aftercare or Alumni programs are just as important to the overall recovery process as detox and treatment are. Alumni programs and services provide access to vital classes, services, meetings, and other activities that can help those in recovery better navigate their new, sober life and decrease the risk of relapse.

At West Valley Detox, we want to make sure we are with you every step of the way on your road to recovery, That’s why, in addition to our detox services, we also offer residential (inpatient) treatment as well as alumni and aftercare programs.

We know that once treatment has been completed that’s when the recovery journey truly begins. It is our goal to provide continued support services for anyone that still needs it after they have completed treatment.

If you or someone you know needs addiction treatment, or you are a past client of ours and are looking to take advantage of our aftercare and alumni services, contact us today.

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