6 Reasons to Seek Substance Abuse Treatment in SoCal at West Valley Detox & Treatment

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Selecting the best treatment option for yourself or a loved one is a deeply personal choice. On the surface, it may appear that a treatment center close to home is a good option. Most often, removing persons diagnosed with substance use disorders from their local environment increases the chances of maintaining sobriety. Discover how our in-patient treatment experience can work for you.

Substance use disorder impacts an entire family. When seeking treatment, it is advised that family dynamics are addressed outside of a home environment. While friends and family are critical to long term recovery, addressing key enabling behavior, resentments, and other psycho-social stressors that commonly occur in the home environment, can prevent relapse. These distractions are less likely to occur outside of the home.

At West Valley Detox & Treatment, our clinical team assesses the proper integration of family members into the patient’s treatment plan. If invited and beneficial, a patient’s primary therapist will schedule family/couples therapy as a component of the treatment plan. The evidence-based clinical program draws from both Cognitive Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral therapeutic interventions. 

2. Diagnosis specialization

When considering your treatment options, it is best to identify programs that offer specialized treatment for different types of substance use disorders and mental health issues. 

At West Valley Detox & Treatment we have a dynamic group of licensed medical and clinical professionals; committed to whole person care. Our care team has extensive experience in treating patients struggling with dependence on alcohol, opiates, and benzodiazepines. In addition, our care team is trained to address dual-diagnosis patients; recognizing that patients often have co-occurring depression, anxiety, bipolar or other mental health issues. Staff include Medical Director, Dr. Lucille Thomas (Loma Linda University School of Medicine), Psychiatrist Dr. Neda Javaherian, MD (University of Southern California), and Michelle King, LMFT (Pepperdine University).

3. Confidentiality

By removing yourself from familiar people, places and things, you or your loved one has the opportunity to experience new environments and meet new people equally committed to long term recovery. Patients can minimize feelings of shame or stigma by admitting to a treatment program that is not easily accessible to neighbors, friends or coworkers. 

Here at West Valley Detox & Treatment you have the opportunity to meet others from in-state and out-of-state. Collectively, patients can safely share feelings and life experiences with people that have no prior knowledge of your past. Each of our 6-bed residences provide an intimate setting for recovery. With a low patient census, you will receive individualized care that will have a lasting impact on the quality of your life.

4. Higher completion

If a treatment program close to home is selected, there is a strong likelihood that you or your loved one’s treatment episode will be cut short. In the early days of recovery, there are challenging and emotionally charged days. A nearby treatment program provides a patient with an easy option for early/premature discharge; prior to the medically advised completion of the treatment stay. 

At West Valley Detox we provide a safe haven from negative influences that a patient may be exposed to. Patients receive support from facility staff; enjoying the benefits of a 3:1 Staff to Client ratio. Our two luxury residences (each 4,000+ sq.) offer seclusion and privacy in which to properly treat your addiction, while holistically healing; your body, mind and soul. 

5. Immediacy

The life-changing choice to enter treatment is often made when you or a loved one shows the first sign of willingness. Many treatment programs have long wait lists. This wait time acts as a serious deterrent to a patient seeking treatment when they are most willing. 

Here at West Valley Detox & Treatment we have admissions representatives available 24 hours a day. They can answer your questions as well as facilitate direct contact with a member of our care team (to address more complex medical and clinical questions). Our admissions representatives are able to complete assessments and schedule admits/intakes within 12-24 hours from your first contact. Most commercial PPO insurance policies are accepted; West Valley Detox is in-network with Cigna Insurance. 

6. Peer support

Peer support is a critical component to the recovery process. By participating in programs that align with people who have similar lived experiences, you or your loved one can find acceptance and comfort through shared understanding and mutual empowerment. 

Here at West Valley Detox and Treatment we allow patients to select the peer support that feels most authentic to their values and beliefs. We offer introduction to AA, NA, Refuge Recovery, Celebrate Recovery and SMART Recovery. Should patients show interest, attending weekly meetings can be integrated into your weekly program schedule. 

Questions. Connect. Support

Do you have questions? Our amazing Admissions team is ready to help you. We offer an 100% free, zero-commitment consultation. Call us on 818 302 0036 or email admissionsteam@westvalleydetox.com.

For other ways to connect – visit our Contact Page.
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