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WVDT Group Line-Up

West Valley Detox Treatment offers a range of groups and classes, which include the following:


Good nutrition has an impact on both physical and mental health. Balanced diets, combined with therapeutic interventions, can aid people to achieve optimal wellness. Our nutritionist classes use a client-centered approach based on individual lifestyle goals to establish healthy eating habits as part of a daily routine.

Personal Trainers

Physical fitness has been proven to increase mental health and decrease the chances of relapse. We have personal training sessions on-site, where clients create personalized plans, which include physical goals, exercise routines, and nutrition.

Art Therapy

Prioritizing health: mind, body, and spirit are essential for sobriety. Clients learn to express themselves through art group therapy, which helps the healing and recovery process.

Grief Counseling

We help clients cope with grief and trauma through regular group therapy sessions. These are led by Sarah Vick, LMT, CADC II who specializes in mindfulness, meditation, somatic trauma resolution, and creates space for clients to access their own personal spiritually.


Yoga is an opportunity to strengthen the body and mind. We offer a range of different yoga practices aimed at relieving stress and anxiety, while learning to be centered and present.

Life Skills

Learning important life skills can prevent relapse. Our life skills classes help to prepare clients for transitioning back into their regular environments.

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