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* We accept only private pay and PPO. No Medi-Cal accepted!

West Valley Detox introduces concepts that enforce the practice of a multidisciplinary team approach to treatment.


Here you will get guaranteed anonymous treatment, determination of the individual cause of the disease, and diagnosis of complications of addiction also cooperating with clients’ families.


Our clinic is equipped with the latest facilities, - providing rooms with all the amenities clients - Round-the-clock supervision of doctors and psychologists in the hospital of the patient rehabilitation center, 24-hour security of the center.


West Valley Detox's complete course for detoxification and rehabilitation includes the most essential services, including a range of therapies and treatment methods.

Why choose West Valley Detox? We are 6 bed treatment program housed in a quiet and intimate setting. The client rooms are large and comfortable. Because we are limited to 6 beds, we can assure you that you will get a lot of individualized clinical and medical attention. Because we are a home-like and relatively small setting, you won’t get “lost in the mix” which is somewhat common with larger more institutional-like programs.
Why not detox on my own? Detoxification on your own could be potentially dangerous and could lead to unanticipated medical issues. Individuals who detox at home may experience extreme changes in vital signs to the point to where emergency hospitalization is necessary. If detox occurs too quickly it could cause seizures, stroke, cardiac arrest or even death. We provide 24-hour round the clock supervision and can make your detox smooth and comfortable by providing the proper medications and detox protocols designed specifically for your presenting circumstances.
What makes us different? We get down to business! Many other treatment programs offer services designed to pamper rather than promoting abstinence and sustaining recovery. Rest assured, you will receive plenty of love and attention from our team. The vast majority of our staff are in recovery themselves and understand what you are going through. We have MD’s, Nurse Practitioners, LVN’s and experienced, licensed professional staff available to guide you through your own personal recovery.
What does treatment look like? Upon entering our program, you will receive a thorough, comprehensive assessment including a medical evaluation, substance abuse history, mental status exam and a bio-psychosocial evaluation. Based on your current situation we will prescribe the proper detox protocols and the correct medications regime (if needed). Once you begin to feel better, we will begin integrating you into the residential treatment portion of our program. Our staff will help you individualize a treatment plan geared specifically for you to help you gather tools for sustaining recovery after treatment. We offer individual counseling session coupled with a wide variety of group therapy session. Our treatment team will craft a very specific discharge plan for you so that you can use the tools that you learned during your time with us and integrate those into real life situations in order for you to remain sober and free of substances.
Will my health insurance cover treatment? We accept most PPO insurance plans and are successful in maximizing your benefits. Health plans vary quite a bit depending on your employer, basic plan/sub-plan and many benefits have hidden exclusions. We can verify your insurance within minutes to let you know how much of the cost will be covered. Unfortunately, our facility does not accept Medi-Cal or Medicare. We will work with our clients and their families to provide financial solutions for self-pay situations.

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