After months and years of continual alcohol or drug use, it’s very difficult to simply stop using alcohol or drugs. In fact, individuals are often deterred from recovery by the withdrawal symptoms that accompany any attempt to cease their alcohol and drug use.

That’s where our detox program comes in.

Take the first step toward lasting sobriety with our medically-assisted detox program.

What is a detox program?

A detox program is a period of treatment — often around a week — immediately following a client’s cessation of alcohol or drug use and often leading directly into an inpatient or residential program.
In a detox program, the goal is to prepare the client for rehabilitation by assisting with the transition from chemical dependence to a state in which his or her body is free from alcohol and drugs.


Detox Treatment

After using alcohol or drugs daily for an extended period of time, individuals will experience withdrawal after a short period of time without the substance.

In some cases, withdrawal symptoms can become so severe as to be life-threatening.

Medically-assisted detox allows clients to detox from alcohol and drugs safely under the care and supervision of trained, experienced professionals.

Medically-assisted care

When needed, medical intervention can be applied to maintain safety and comfort

Maximum comfort

Our detox program offers comfortable, home-like accommodations

Round-the-clock support

Clients receive supervision and support at all times to ensure their success

Highly nutritious meals

We help the body to heal through optimal nutrition and gourmet meals prepared on-site daily

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