Upon entering our program, you will receive a thorough, comprehensive assessment including medical evaluation, substance abuse history, mental status exam, and a bio-psychosocial evaluation. Based on your current situation we will prescribe the proper detox protocols and the correct medications regime (if needed).

The range of services we enlist to support drug recovery and rehabilitation.


Addiction Education

Addiction Education is a Psycho-educational group that will teach clients the effects of substances on the brain and body.


An Experiential group that will allow clients to express themselves in a non-traditional way.

Mental Health Education

Mental Health Education is a group designed to educated participants on the...

Process Group

A Process Group is designed to allow clients to bring to the table of discussion anything and everything that is on their mind.

Life Skills

Life Skills are an educational group that will teach clients hands-on skills that are...

Nutrition in Recovery

Group Participants will engage in learning about the importance of taking care of one's body through nutrition.

Deep Thinkers

Deep Thinkers is a group that is based on educating clients in the evidenced-based therapies that...

Personal Growth and Development

Personal Growth and Development is a group based around the principle that growth is always possible.

Grief and Loss

A psycho-educational group that allows clients to process the feelings of loss in a safe and caring environment.

Healthy Relationships

A psycho-educational group that teaches clients healthy communication skills.

Coping Skills

Coping skills are a staple group in addiction treatment that aids clients in learning...

Health and Wellness

This group has been designed to educate clients on general ideas of healthy living.

Living Sober

Living Sober is a group that shows a different perspective of sobriety to clients.

Relapse Prevention

A psycho-educational group that teaches clients to relapse prevention...

Anger Management

Anger Management will teach clients about the emotion of anger and the nature of its response.

Sober Support Systems

Clients will discuss their sober support systems in detail in this group.

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