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Drug addiction is a serious health issue across America, including Studio City and Los Angeles County as a whole. The following statistics provided by the Los Angeles County Public Health department paint a shocking and sobering picture:

  • Each year, nearly 3000 people due to drug and alcohol abuse.
  • People with substance abuse disorders incur up to 3 times more medical expenses than those who don’t have addiction issues.
  • Each year, there are just over 32,000 drunk driving arrests with over 7,000 DUI-related injuries and 255 deaths.

Addiction is a complex disorder that tears apart the lives of the addict and those they love. If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, you must find professional help right away. West Valley Detox is a Studio City drug rehab that can help you today.

Addiction is destructive, often fatal, and completely treatable.

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What to Expect from a Drug Rehab Near Studio City, CA

When you make the decision to enter treatment at a drug rehab in Studio City, treatment staff will start working with you once you are checked in. Quality drug and alcohol programs operate under a three-point philosophy:

  • Treatment staff will help address the powerlessness you have regarding your substance abuse.
  • Treatment staff will work with you to replace unhealthy attitudes with healthier attitudes through therapy and other interventions.
  • Through drug treatment, you will receive the tools and support you need to stay abstinent and strong in your recovery when you resume your day-to-day life.

Treatment staff will create an individualized treatment plan specific to your unique and specific needs with those goals in mind. This comprehensive recovery plan will provide you with the necessary tools, encouragement, and confidence needed for you to succeed in your recovery once treatment ends and you resume your daily life. In general, inpatient treatment programs last 30 days but can be extended depending on the severity of your addiction.


Why You Should Choose Our Drug Rehab Near Studio City, California

With countless rehabs in Los Angeles touting their programs and services, the process of finding the rehab right for your needs can be overwhelming to you. Fortunately, the choice is simple with West Valley Detox. Our luxury treatment facility in Studio City offers you these tremendous benefits:

Safe & Secure Environments Our residential treatment facilities are safe and secure so that you can focus solely on your recovery. Your home environment is filled with the people, places, and things that can keep you stuck in substance abuse. When you enter a residential treatment program at West Valley Detox, you increase your chances of breaking the cycle for good.
Compassionate Support Another excellent benefit found at West Valley Detox is the support you receive from treatment staff and your fellow peers who are themselves recovering from addiction. You will be surrounded by expert medical and addiction treatment professionals who will help you heal. You will also be around others like you who are new in recovery and can provide the support you need to stay motivated during treatment. Additionally, we allow family, relatives, and friends who support your recovery to visit and attend programming with you.
24/7 Healthcare When you cease using substances, you will experience physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that can be very uncomfortable, painful, and potentially life-threatening. Our residential rehab program in Studio City has medical personnel who will help make the withdrawal process safe and comfortable and through a variety of interventions, so you regain your physical and mental health.
Healthy Daily Schedules You and every client undergoing a drug rehab program at West Valley Detox will have a strict daily structure filled with healthy and recovery-centered activities. These activities will include morning meditation, recreation, fitness, individual and group therapy, 12-step meetings, and nourishing meals. Establishing a regular productive routine is a cornerstone of a successful recovery program and helps you keep focused on your health and well-being.
Daily Counseling Another tremendous benefit of our drug treatment program is the access to compassionate and experienced mental health counselors. Through professional help and guidance, you can uncover the root causes of your addiction. Your counseling team will actively work with you to gain the tools and confidence you need to replace negative thoughts and behaviors with healthier behaviors that suit your newfound sobriety.
alcohol and drug addiction detox studio city

“The staff individually spends time with every single patient and the accommodations are to die for…”

M. Gabashvili

Former client

In order to help you address your addiction issues, West Valley Detox offers an integrative treatment program comprised of the following components:

Medical Detoxification

Medical detox is the first and arguably the most critical step on your road to recovery. The detox process will help you wean off of substances and make the withdrawal process more comfortable. During this process, medical staff will use medication therapy, nutrition therapy, and other approaches that will allow you to get mentally and physically stable. Medical staff will also perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine any underlying conditions that may impede the recovery process.

Intensive Inpatient Treatment

During inpatient treatment, staff will create an individualized treatment plan that will give you the best chance of success. This overall treatment plan is created from a wide variety of treatment services such as individual and group therapy, life and skills training, holistic therapies, and therapeutic techniques, among others. During this phase, you will gain the tools and get the encouragement and support you need to overcome your drug addiction.

Dual Diagnosis Programming

West Valley Detox offers a comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment program that offers many effective programs that provide long-term support if you are struggling with mental illness and drug addiction. Our dual diagnosis program in Studio City allows clients the space and support needed to address their co-occurring issues while gaining the skills and support they need to overcome their dual diagnosis.

Aftercare Planning & Alumni Program

Aftercare programs focus on relapse prevention once you leave treatment and you resume your everyday life. These programs can feature the following components:

  • 12-step recovery programs
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Medication management
  • Educational programs
  • Job assistance
  • Sober living

A unique program offered at West Valley Detox is our alumni program. We believe that the best way to sustain your recovery is through the support of past graduates who have considerable recovery time. The goal of our alumni program is to provide connections with past clients who can provide advice and encouragement as you continue in your recovery. Additionally, these programs offer social events such as formal dinners, sober “happy hours,” bowling nights, and 12-step meetings. Alumni programs help build a solid support network for those in recovery to grow and prosper.

Addiction is destructive, often fatal, and completely treatable.

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Get Help at Our Luxury Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs in Los Angeles, California

If you or a loved one needs help overcoming addiction, West Valley Detox can help you achieve that goal—starting today. We believe that recovery is possible, and we offer a wide range of individualized programs and services that will help you overcome addiction and maintain health, happiness, and sobriety. The programs offered at our Studio City rehab are evidence-based, proven to work, and are tailored to meet your needs throughout your stay.

No matter the severity of your addiction, we fully believe that change is possible. In addition to our proven treatment programs, we offer a safe and supportive environment that will empower you to transform yourself into the person that you want to be. Additionally, we offer services and support after your complete drug treatment.

Are you ready to make a change for the better? Are you tired of drug and alcohol addiction hurting you, your family, and others that you love? If so, that important first step is to call West Valley Detox toll-free. One of our compassionate treatment staff members is available right now to speak to you about the programs and services we offer at our Studio City drug and alcohol rehab. Completely transform your life—call now.

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Once the insurance coverage has been verified, we work with the client to co-create a custom treatment plan.

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