Is there a way out?
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It is impossible to cure alcoholism in the literal sense of the word – Is there a way out?  That is, a patient with alcoholism will never be able to drink alcohol in a normalized way, like an ordinary, healthy person. Today scientists are not aware of the genetic mechanism of dependence and some of the subtleties of neurochemical processes in alcoholism are not known.

The alcoholic has two options: either drink to the ruins of personality, disability, or even death or get rid of alcohol completely. At the same time, doctors call the complete abandonment of alcohol, not a recovery, but a remission. Because when you try to resume normalized intake after 10, 20 years, the experiment ends with the same problems.

It is difficult to independently give up alcohol in conditions of physical dependence, moreover, it is almost impossible. Therefore, the surest way is to resort to the help of specialists, turn to centers that specialize in the treatment of addiction.

It must be recognized right away that there are no universal methods for treating alcoholism. Each method is neither bad nor good on its own. The choice of method should be based on a study of the personality of a particular patient. Only then a doctor can suggest a suitable treatment. One method can help one person, another – another one.

It also speaks in favor of interaction with detox centers and specialists who will help to develop and implement the correct and individual treatment scenario.

Usually, there are three groups of methods to combat alcoholism:

  • biologically oriented effects (antipsychotics, antidepressants, neuropeptides, blockers, tranquilizers, stabilizing agents, reflexology),
  • psychotherapeutically oriented impact (suggestive, behavioral, group, game methods, existential or gestalt therapy)
  • socially-oriented impact (including the Association of Alcoholics Anonymous, family therapy, social intervention, etc.).

Ok if the detox center has a psychologist, psychotherapist, therapist, anesthesiologist, and internists, but only a psychiatrist-narcologist can coordinate the treatment. Only a psychiatrist-narcologist can understand the weaknesses and personality defects, see the picture of the disease, summarize risk factors, prescribe the right drugs, and choose the most effective treatment methodology.

It is no secret that sometimes you can see in Internet promises of 100 percent  Tibetan medicine cure of alcoholism. Given that there is no alcoholism in Tibet, I wonder what kind of method it is.

The success of treatment consists of three points: whether the patient has a motive (steady desire) to recover, the person who will treat him, and in what conditions the treatment will take place. If all three points get “good” and “excellent” marks – there will be no problems with the treatment of alcoholism.

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