In 2019 alone, nearly 71,000 people lost their lives to drug addiction while more than 840,000 have died since 1999.

When it comes to our understanding of addiction, here’s what we know for sure: Addiction is a complex and almost enigmatic disease with profound destructive power. At West Valley Detox & Residential Treatment, we aim to inspire more people to become advocates for recovery by providing access to addiction education as well as related guides and resources.

As we continue to grow our library of guides and educational resources, we hope you’ll gain a better understanding of addiction, including but not limited to risk factors, signs, dangers, treatment methods, and relapse prevention strategies.

“We aim to inspire advocates for recovery and provide access to addiction education.”

If you find any of our guides helpful, please share them with friends and family so that we may prevent more lives from being lost to this deadly affliction.


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