Eduardo Garcia, Outreach/Admissions Manager


Outreach/Admissions Manager


>5 Years


Associate of Addiction Studies


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Eduardo, or "Eddie" as his friends and colleagues call him, was born in the San Fernando Valley and is a native to Los Angeles. Working in the field of addiction and mental health since 2016, he has found a passion for increasing mental health awareness and education. Eddie completed the addiction counseling program and received an associate degree in Addiction Studies. While in parallel, gaining professional experience working directly with clients and their families, overseeing staff and facilities, and spearheading community program development projects.

Life experience has given Eddie the strength and understanding that growth is a humble and continuous process that requires facing one’s fears. Also, entering recovery at a young age and facing that challenge, he learned how to stay young at heart and have fun without drugs and alcohol. This philosophy, along with the life lessons, is a unique tool he has used in his own recovery and continues to apply them in helping others.

West Valley Detox Treatment, Rehabilitation, Tarzana, CA
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