west valley detox covid-19 policy

Our approach to the COVID-19 pandemic

At West Valley Detox & Residential Treatment, the wellbeing of both clients and staff is of the utmost importance to us. In light of the ongoing pandemic, we have implemented a number of protocols and best practices, per the recommendations of the CDC.

Our policy includes a comprehensive action plan to minimize the risk of exposure as well as safety procedures in the event of staff or client exposure to contagion.

Take a moment to learn more about how we’re keeping West Valley Detox & Residential Treatment a safe, hygienic environment. Some of the steps we’re taking include:

  • Mandatory temperature checks
  • Frequent sanitation of common touch points
  • Extensive pre-admission screenings

COVID-19 action plan

To maintain a safe, clean environment for West Valley Detox clients and staff members alike, we have implemented a comprehensive, multi-point COVID-19 action plan, which includes:

Pre-admission screening

All incoming clients are subject to medical pre-screening and evaluation to prevent contagion from being introduced to our facilities.

Telehealth treatment opportunities

If deemed necessary, clients will be given the opportunity to participate in certain treatment sessions remotely using live chat when available.

Hand-washing and personal hygiene requirements

All staff members and clients are required to wash their hands thoroughly and regularly to prevent the transmission of contagion.

Maintaining a clean environment

All staff members will regularly and thoroughly disinfect accessible surfaces and spaces on the premises.

Regulated visitation

Visitation with loved ones will be monitored and regulated to prevent the introduction of contagion to our facilities.

Medical monitoring

All staff members and clients will be monitored for any visible symptoms of illness. When deemed necessary, medical testing will be performed, such as temperature checks.

Our services

West Valley Detox & Residential Treatment is a premier substance abuse treatment provider, offering highly personalized and client-focused treatment to individuals suffering from addiction. Located in Los Angeles County, California, we provide inclusive care in the San Fernando Valley, helping those who need professional help to combat their addiction.

As one of the best substance abuse treatment centers in the United States, West Valley Detox & Residential Treatment offers alcohol and drug addiction programs comprised of world-class counseling and treatment for rehabilitation from alcohol and drug use.

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