Cathy Kasper, Outreach/Admissions Manager


Outreach/Admissions Manager


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With a passion for helping individuals suffering from addiction, Cathy is an 11th-generation Californian who has supported teams and empowered clients in the administrative, entertainment, and substance abuse treatment industries.

After her son’s untimely death, Cathy turned to drug and alcohol abuse as a way to cope. Fortunately, Cathy recognized her need for treatment and took the first steps on the road to recovery. To this day, Cathy derives immense strength and support from her loved ones and the Alcoholics Anonymous community.

Professionally, Cathy started out as a medical assistant for a pediatrician. Over the five years she spent in that role, Cathy learned to be more organized and cultivated patience, compassion, and kindness. Her next professional endeavor was as an operations manager, a position in which Cathy accrued over 20 years of experience in the service field. At every turn, Cathy took pride in her work, maintaining the highest standards and striving to deliver results.

Cathy’s transition into the substance abuse treatment industry actually began during her time as an executive personal assistant in the entertainment industry. From there, Cathy gained further expertise in recovery as a director for a sober living facility, a sober companion, and a client advocate.

Today, Cathy continues to promote sobriety, wellness, and support in her role as the admissions and outreach manager at West Valley Detox.

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