Exploring the Link Between Trauma & Substance Abuse

Trauma can manifest in various forms, such as childhood abuse, neglect, accidents, natural disasters, combat experiences, or any situation that threatens one’s safety and well-being. And the link between trauma and substance abuse is a complex and well-studied phenomenon. At West Valley Detox & Residential Treatment we create a safe space for our clients to … Read more

How to Find Benzo Drug Rehab in Los Angeles, CA

Abuse of benzos has been increasing over the years. Even though they are commonly used to treat medical or mental health conditions, they are still highly addictive drugs. They are considered a controlled substance to monitor the drug’s distribution closely. However, people still get access to it to abuse it by either receiving prescriptions from … Read more

Can You Get Addicted to Vaping?

When the first e-cigarettes were introduced to the U.S. in 2006, vaping was considered a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. In fact, the first commercially successful e-cigarette was invented by a man in China when his father died of lung cancer after years of heavy smoking. The science, however, tells a very different story. Vaping … Read more

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