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West Valley Detox Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Tarzana

Addiction is a disease that can affect anyone, but it is more common among those who abuse alcohol and other drugs. Alcoholism and drug addiction are among the most dangerous of the so-called “compulsive behaviors” chiefly because of the high relapse rates associated with them. At West Valley Detox in Tarzana, California, our drug and alcohol treatment center provides comprehensive alcohol and substance abuse services to individuals in the Los Angeles area.

 Our luxurious new treatment center provides a variety of services to help with alcohol addiction such as medically assisted detox, residential care, aftercare planning and support, and referrals to our trusted partners in the outpatient community, among other services.

There are approximately one hundred alcohol-related deaths every day and over 2 million DUI arrests in the country every year. Alcohol addiction is a serious problem in California. This addiction affects not only those who drink but also the people around them, so getting help from a reliable inpatient facility that specializes in the treatment of alcohol addiction can help you or your loved one.

 West Valley Detox, located between Malibu and Beverly Hills, provides an effective evidence-based inpatient treatment program, individualized to each client’s particular needs. Our 6-bed alcohol addiction treatment center in Tarzana is located at 18841 Pasadero Drive. Our detailed website will provide a lot of information about our top-class alcohol addictions otherwise you can simply call us at (818) 302 0036.

What Makes Alcohol Treatment in West Valley Detox in Tarzana a Great Choice?


There are over 14,000 drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers throughout the United States, but West Valley Detox in Tarzana could be the ideal choice for you or your loved one looking for treatment.

 Our luxury alcohol addiction treatment center is committed to excellence and strives to raise the bar in the field of alcohol addiction treatment as well as with our other services by providing client-focused and highly customizable treatment plans. To help those suffering from these issues to start living healthy and wholesome lives again, West Valley Detox alcohol addiction treatment plans incorporated strong emotional, psychological, and medical support.

 Our full-service program offers individual counseling, group therapy, detoxification services, medical care, and family support. The center also offers an aftercare program that provides outpatient services, including individual counseling and group therapy.

Our alcohol treatment program in Tarzana provides patients with the highest quality alcohol addiction treatment available in the San Fernando Valley.

 The center employs a multidisciplinary approach to treating patients, which means that West Valley Detox provides alcohol addiction services from physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals in addition to addiction counselors.

With cutting-edge therapeutic techniques and a personalized curriculum that can be tailored to each person’s needs, a luxurious facility, and qualified professional staff, West Valley Detox residential treatment programs for alcohol addiction make the best choice for you or your loved one. 

Our state-of-the-art luxury alcohol addiction treatment facility located in Tarzana, California opened its doors in 2020 and offers a wide variety of services to meet each patient’s individual needs.

Getting Started at West Valley Detox Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Tarzana

West Valley Detox is a safe and inclusive treatment facility that is welcoming to all men, women, and nonbinary individuals irrespective of age to receive inpatient alcohol addiction treatment in Tarzana, tailored o their individual needs.

 When you call our facility, at (818) 873-4631, you will find we are always available and ready to advise you on how to begin your journey to recovery. The first step is a general consultation and intake assessment to allow us to find out some basic information about you or your loved one so we will be able to evaluate which of our alcohol addiction services is best suited.

 Having a personalized treatment plan for your alcohol addiction, which can include one or more of our services as well as services recommended through referral to third-party providers, ensures that the client’s need for long-term recovery is met.

West Valley Detox is in network with many of the leading health insurance providers. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 states that addiction treatment fits the criteria of essential health benefits, which means that alcohol addiction treatment is generally covered. Our admissions team, however,  will also work with these providers for you to determine if your policy covers all or part of the alcohol addiction treatment services with us.  Feel free to call us at (818) 302 0036 for more information on our alcohol addiction treatment options, prices, and availability.

The next step is a clinical assessment to fully understand your biopsychosocial history to aid our alcohol addiction treatment team in further customizing the services we provide. 

Once this is completed, all that remains is getting ready to start your alcohol addiction treatment and the road to recovery. This means packing all the necessary things needed for your stay at West Valley Detox. 

The best way to find out which alcohol addiction treatment option at West Valley Detox in Tarzana, California is right for you is to talk with our helpful representative of the center. To schedule an appointment, call (818) 302 0036 anytime.


What Does West Valley Detox Treatment Facility Provide For Alcohol Addiction in Tarzana?

Apart from medically supervised detox and evidenced based alcohol addiction treatment modules, West Valley Detox alcohol addiction treatment center in Tarzana provides a variety of services, tools, and resources to help individuals achieve a healthy, sober lifestyle that is long-lasting.

 These include a high staff-to-client ratio of well-trained and professional staff as well as industry-leading clinicians, round-the-clock support, medical-assisted treatment, an inclusive environment and programs, multidisciplinary treatment programs, detailed recovery planning, recreational activities, healthy nourishing meals prepared on-site and luxury standards in accommodation. 

The 12-step based alcohol addiction treatment program also includes holistic and mindful elements. All staff at West Valley Detox in Tarzana are well qualified in their field and experienced. They work as a team with the patients to ensure that they recover successfully from alcohol addiction.