Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Sherman Oaks


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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Clinic in Sherman Oaks CA

West Valley Detox is a brand new luxury alcohol addiction treatment center in Sherman Oaks, California. After the success of their Tarzana facility, which earned rave reviews, and the resulting high demand for addiction treatment, West Valley Detox opened its second facility here.

 Our alcohol addiction treatment facility in Sherman Oaks provides effective, evidence-based treatment programs that are individualized to each client’s needs and helps them with long-term recovery from alcohol addiction.  

Our clinical team, composed of the best in the field, is fully aware that each client suffers in their own way and thus has different needs and a general treatment plan may not suit them. Each client undergoes a thorough assessment before starting an alcohol addiction treatment program so that the therapist can formulate an effective treatment plan that is right for the client. The customized treatment plan is based on a comprehensive medical evaluation, a history of the person’s alcohol abuse, an examination of their mental status and a thorough biopsychosocial assessment.

With alcohol addiction, detox is often required and West Valley Detox in Sherman Oaks provides a medically-assisted detox that makes the physical symptoms of withdrawal more comfortable. We also provide, if the client requires it, medication-assisted alcohol addiction treatment.

West Valley Detox Sherman Oaks provides a variety of different treatments ranging from evidence-based to holistic approaches. Some of these services include addiction and mental health education,accompanied by process groups, spirituality, coping skills, grief and loss, relapse prevention, and even anger management. 


They also equip their clients with essential life skills to ensure that they are able to live happy, sober lives, and these are taught through life skills classes, nutrition, sober living, personal growth and development, and health and wellness.

If you or someone you care about is looking for a first-class luxury alcohol addiction treatment facility in Sherman Oaks, look no further. Our residential luxury rehab has four comfortable private bedrooms with queen-size beds and flatscreen TVs.  There is also an additional room for double occupancy. 

The indoor common areas and calming outdoor lounge area are ideal for clients to relax and socialize while enjoying the tropical ambiance and sun of California. With this and so much more to offer, why wait? Call us today at (818) 302 0036 to speak to our admissions team who will guide you through the process of starting your road to recovery today.

What is Residential Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

Residential or inpatient treatment programs simply mean that the client stays at the facility for the duration of treatment. An important benefit for clients of getting alcohol addiction treatment at residential facilities is that during treatment, they are removed from their homes or familiar settings where temptations, triggers, and stressors are avoided.

 This alcohol addiction treatment option drastically reduces any cravings or temptation to drink by housing the clients in safe, comfortable, and caring surroundings. Another advantage of residential treatment for alcohol addiction is the extremely organized and rigorous daily schedule of treatment and recovery-orientated activities. 

Our alcohol addiction treatment center in Sherman Oaks offers top-class intensive treatment and level of care by the best treatment providers in their field. The comfortable, congenial facility allows the clients to wholly focus on the causes of their alcohol addiction and how to overcome them without distraction from the outside world.

West Valley Detox in Sherman Oaks also provides medical detoxification for alcohol addiction which gets the client’s body ready for them to engage in the main treatment program. Our alcohol addiction detox under medical supervision helps with reducing the discomfort of the alcohol addiction withdrawal symptoms and has proven to help clients reduce the chances of relapse, making long-term recovery more likely. 

As in many other residential or inpatient treatment facilities, West Valley Detox in Sherman Oaks includes in its alcohol addiction treatment module both individual and group therapy as well as family counseling, aftercare planning and even dual diagnosis treatment.

 The duration of stay at a residential treatment center for alcohol addiction such as West Valley Detox is dependent on various criteria. However, because our alcohol addiction treatment facility in Sherman Oaks offers custom-made treatment plans based on each client’s needs and clinical assessments, our clinical staff will recommend a minimum duration of stay and eventually determine if the stay should be extended, which would of course be with the client’s consent.

The complex and highly-impairing disease of alcohol addiction requires immediate and effective treatment. Not only does this addiction deprive the person suffering from alcohol addiction of their overall psychological, biological, physical, and spiritual health, but it also affects all their loved ones.

Only with professional help as provided by West Valley Detox’s luxury alcohol addiction treatment center in Sherman Oaks can alcohol addiction be prevented from permanently damaging your health and destroying the lives of you and your loved ones. Help is just a phone call away. Our dedicated and compassionate team will advise and guide you through all the options that can lead to a life free of alcohol addiction.


What Makes West Valley Detox The Best Choice for Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

With thousands of alcohol addiction treatment centers in the country, choosing the best one for you or your loved one can be difficult and daunting. West Valley Detox, established a couple of years ago with its first location in Tarzana and quickly became one of the best reviewed and cutting-edge treatment centers in Los Angeles and California. 

 The luxury status of our rehab is not linked to the price and amenities of our center but more so the approach to recovery which incorporates a holistic aspect.  Emphasizing the whole person while allowing comfort and support is the style of treatment used in luxury rehabs. Also, luxury rehabs, such as ours at West Valley Detox in Sherman Oaks, provide highly customized alcohol addiction treatment programs for the unique and specialized needs of each client.

 Also, a very high level of privacy and confidentiality, low counselor-to-client ratio, and alternative treatment approaches are criteria for this top status in addiction treatment centers. Our luxury alcohol addiction treatment center in Sherman Oaks meets all these criteria and more. You or your loved one will find that the West Valley Detox treatment experience is beyond your expectations.