Zara Gemilyan

Director of Admissions

Zara has applied her cutting-edge supportive techniques, dedication, and years of personal experience in her role as director of admissions.


Max Chesnoff

Director of Human Resources

Max comes equipped with an extensive background in Human Resources, Operations, and Administration. He offers a tremendous amount of support and knowledge for West Valley Detox to run smoothly and effectively.

Michael Evans, CPA

Director of Accounting

Michael is a certified Public Accountant (CPA) and handles all the accounting and financial aspects of West Valley Detox.


Jason Hymes, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Hymes is the Medical Director of Conservative Care Specialists Medical Group, Inc. He is a graduate of the University of Louisville Medical School and the Harvard School of Public Health.

Neda Javaherian, MD


Dr. Javaherian specializes in the treatment of psychiatric disorders including depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder and addiction through medication management. Completed her training at the University of Southern California Medical Center. Joined the USC faculty and taught medical students/residents. 

Caryn Hirsch, LVN

Licensed Nurse

Caryn has provided care and medical support to individuals in recovery for more than 18 years. Her approach is centered in empathy and education; teaching individuals they can live better lives without substances.


Bruce Rush, PsyD

Clinical Director

A board-certified clinical psychologist, and adjunct professor at Pepperdine University. Dr. Rush is a skilled clinician, with specialist training in identifying and managing substance abuse disorders.


Ara Gemilyan

Chief Executive Officer

Ara leverages his entrepreneurial spirit,
diverse experience, and passion for helping people as the leader of West Valley Detox.

Nzinga Garvey, MBA

Executive Director

Nzinga’s career path is one of fearless transitions leading her to be a substantive agent of change in the behavioral health space.


Lesleigh J. Tolin, MS


Lesleigh is a heart-driven entrepreneur and the owner of Healing Hearts International. Certified by the Grief Recovery Institute, she is an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist.

Madelyn Kelley


Madelyn Kelley is a Karuna Holy Fire II Reiki Master who is passionate about
empowering individuals with self-healing techniques, addiction recovery strategies, energy healing, and mindfulness training,

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