5 Most Common Myths About Recovery
clock_iconOctober 14, 2020 clock_icon5 min read

#1: Thinking you can do it all alone. You wouldn't try to cure yourself of diabetes without consulting a doctor; you can't fight the physical and psychological causes of addiction by yourself, either.

Solution: Seek help.

#2: Failing to address co-occurring conditions. Many people who struggle with substance abuse are also battling another disorder, such as depression or PTSD.

Solution: Learn more about co-occurring disorders.

#3: Not including family in the recovery process. People sometimes think of recovery as an individual process. But your addiction does not exist in a vacuum. A successful recovery program must address these relationships to support lasting recovery.

Solution: Choose a recovery program that incorporates family and relationships into treatment.

#4: Expect Immediate Results Recovery can be everything you have ever hoped for, but it takes hard work and commitment; it isn't automatic.

Solution: Enter treatment knowing that recovery is possible but that it will take time.

#5:  Compare Yourself To Others Don't forget that every person - regardless of what kind of car he drives, what clothes she wears, or where he lives - struggles with something.

Solution: Gauge your process by looking at yourself, rather than others.







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