5 Activities During Detox
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1. Yoga


Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices. Yoga has 4 principal traditional meanings:

  • A disciplined method for attaining a goal.
  • Techniques for controlling the body and the mind.
  • A name of a school or system of philosophy.
  • With prefixes such as "Hatha-, mantra-, and laya-, traditions specializing in particular techniques of yoga.

Yoga is a great way to heal this stress, triggering the body’s natural endorphin system. Not all Yoga positions are comfortable. But learning to sit through the discomfort, and ‘breath through it,’ can become a valuable habit for one's daily living.


2. Art Therapy


Art therapy is accustomed to help people improve cognitive and sensory-motor function, self-awareness, and emotional resilience. Some conditions that art therapy is also accustomed to treat include:

  • Substance use
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Emotional difficulties
  • Family or relationship problems
  • Medical conditions
  • Psychological symptoms related to other medical issues
  • Psychosocial issues
  • Stress



3. Sound Therapy


Sound Therapy or Sound Healing, is a holistic treatment method that uses vibrations to encourage relaxation and restore health. Sound therapists believe that our bodies contain 'energy frequencies' and that sonic frequency can be used to reattune these energies when they go off-key. All you have to do is lie down and bask in the tuneful beauty of 'pure' sound.


4. Hiking


Hiking can improve your psychological state and sharpen your mind. At the identical time, because it strengthens bones and muscles, it may also improve your relationships with family and friends. Long-time hikers can tell you that being in nature offers many creative insights. Science is now showing that the creative benefits of hiking are real.


5. Swimming

Swimming is a powerful form of exercise. It can help reduce stress levels, improve your mood, give you better sleep, increase your overall strength and increase your endurance and cardiovascular capacity. 




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