4 Easy Steps of Recovery
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1.Treatment Initiation


The first stage begins the moment you seek help for your drug or alcohol addiction. At this stage, it’s normal to have second thoughts about giving up drugs or alcohol. You may even think you can control your addiction on your own without the help of an addiction treatment center. However, it’s important to remember why you entered treatment, as denial is the worst enemy of your recovery.


2.Early Abstinence


If you have committed to getting help for your alcohol or drug abuse and have sought professional treatment, you will soon begin a phase of your rehabilitation known as early abstinence or early sobriety. For many recovering addicts, this is the toughest stage to overcome because it’s when you experience withdrawal symptoms, psychological dependence, physical cravings, and a multitude of triggers – all of which can threaten your recovery.



3.Staying Sober


Staying sober means that you recognize and acknowledge your cravings. Staying sober is a lifelong process, and we understand that cravings can be an obstacle for patients during the recovery process. During Our Recovery Program, you will learn new tools that help you deal with other areas of your life including:


4.Advanced Recovery


Once you’ve remained clean and sober for approximately five years, you enter the fourth and final stage of recovery: advanced recovery. Not only will you be able to remain sober, but you will also have the skills needed to become a healthier person, a better spouse/parent/child, and a productive member of society. If you’re ready to seek professional treatment, contact the West Valley Detox Treatment Center.


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